cure for dog skin problems

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Dog skin problems, or allergic reactions are common but at the same time not easy to pinpoint.

The most common type of trigger for allergies are:

1. Fleas-Flea’s saliva can cause an allergic reaction in your dogs.

2. Food-Some food that are known to cause allergic reactions are: wheat, soy products, pork, beef, whey, fish, eggs, milk, corn, artificial sweeteners, and chemical preservatives that could be found in their food.

3. Atopic Dermatitis-Atopic dermatitis is a skins allergic reaction caused by sensitivity of the dog’s immune system to substances that can be found in the environment like molds or dust mites.

4. Bacteria-Some dogs are allergic to common bacterias found in a dog’s skin.

It is helpful to make an informed choice on the next course of action to take for those elusive dog skin problems.


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