Teen dies after eating pancakes, family sues caf?

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A 16-year-old boy, Scott Johnson, died last year after eating at the Minnesota Nice Caf? in Bemidji, Minnesota. Now his family is suing the restaurant, claiming that Johnson – who was highly allergic to milk and dairy products – died after consuming pancakes ordered there.According to the lawsuit, a restaurant server assured Johnson and his family that the “gluten-free” pancakes were also “dairy-free.” Shortly after eating the pancakes, Johnson suffered a severe allergic reaction, and died a few days later. For more information please visit http://www.hlntv.com/video/2015/03/13/scott-johnson-death-milk-pancakes-family-sues-restaurant


Albert Dillion says:

If dairy will kill you, just don't eat anything you aren't preparing yourself. I mean come on. Pancakes at a diner. I'm sorry the young man died.

Cheryl Hock says:

I'm sure it went over big with the cook when the mother asked them to clean the griddle before adding the pancake batter.

GS7093 says:

Wow this kid sure was a pussy ass bitch.

Michael Bruja says:

This was a great trainer because the diner killed that fucking brat! He needed to die and if I was the owner of the diner then I would make a pancake meme about him and make fun of him and send it to the family and then I would’ve showed up at the funeral and started punching Scott in the face repeatedly and the jumped on the coffin and start stomping the shit out of it and then wherever they buried him then I would take a shit on the grave!


if i was allergic to something so common i wouldn't eat from restaurants especially when i have to ask a waitress who possibly never went to school for food safety or allergic reactions in the human body

duizhang says:

Its like when coffee shop barristas think theyre being cute by adding sugar to drinks requested as skinny or when they use regular milk vs. Almond or soy. You dont know if someones a diabetic, have lactose intolerance, or have dairy allergies

The Ramen Pleab says:

they told the waiter that he was allergic to milk the waiter said they would make sure not to put milk and clean the stove carefully

n h says:

it is not the familys fault those who've said "that the family should have read the box"..really?? thats what you do in resturants?restaurants lie about food being made fresh. also on another article. the waitress did inform the cook hself anyway and the cook knew the family. and still did not care.

Patrick says:

If you are allergic to anything that can be found in food you should cook for yourself so you know what's in your food. Or only eat what your parents cook for you in you are a kid and your parents know what you are allergic to. When you go to a restaurant you don't know what is in your food. I always cook for myself but this is because I'm vegan so I avoid meat, dairy and eggs.

Sanic The Hotdog says:

Rip you will be rememberd

Caitlin Stolarczyk says:

Awww poor kid. He was cute… 🙁

Michael Bruja says:

The cooks at the restaurant knew he wasn't a Christian child so they gave him a double dose of milk in his pancakes to make sure he was on a one way express trip to hell.

anatureperson says:

That family should have read the ingredients that mix came from.  Anyone with severe allergies has to get into the habit of READING the ingredients of ANY food that comes out of a box or wrapping.  After all, not reading the ingredients could mean life or death.

anatureperson says:

How did the waitress know those pancakes were dairy free ? Did she read the ingredients on the box the mix came from?  I doubt it.  People who do not have severe allergies do not understand severe allergies.  I don't blame the waitress.

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