25 Foods To Avoid For Sinusitis

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Sinusitis is a swelling or inflammation of the tissue lining the sinuses. Symptoms include – cough, congestion, reduced sense of smell, nasal discharge, blocked nose, and facial pain.

It can be caused by allergies, infection, and particulate irritation of the sinuses. Decreasing the inflammatory causative factors in your body is the best way to prevent sinusitis. Here is a list of 25 inflammatory foods:

#1 Red & Processed Meat

#2 Cheese

#3 Soy Sauce

#4 French Fries

#5 Frozen Dinners

#6 Hamburgers

#7 Margarine

#8 Ice cream

#9 Shellfish

#10 Canned Foods

#11 Cakes

#12 Pizza

#13 Salad Dressings

#14 Doughnuts

#15 Potato Chips

#16 Sausages

#17 Yogurt

#18 Cookies

#19 Sour cream

#20 Salami

#21 Chocolate

#22 Crackers

#23 Pickled foods

#24 Eggs

#25 Candy


Quit smoking since cigarette smoke can irritate the sinuses.

Spicy foods, like – horseradish, can help open congested sinuses.

Staying fully hydrated helps the white blood cells work better, that enables the immune system to fight infection more efficiently.

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It's all true! Can't eat any of those , otherwise I feel miserable . So I just try to avoid them.

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Is there a list of foods that will help? Because this is hella discouraging…

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I don't know where did you collect these information from but All these information is 100% accurate and correct. People who are suffering from sinusitis please follow the advice from the video. Thank you

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