How To Treat an Itchy dog with Skin Allergies (STOP the scratch!)

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If you think that your dog is itchy because they are suffering from a food allergy or environmental allergy like pollen then this is what you need to know!

Skin allergies are really common and are often caused by one (or more) of three things:
– flea allergy
– environmental allergy
– food allergy

It’s not as simple as starting a new diet of washing them with a special shampoo. Itchy dogs need to have a number of tests run to try and find out exactly what the problem is, and then there are a number of different steps to take when it comes to finding out the best treatment for an itchy dog with allergies.

It can be very frustrating but help is at hand!

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NHV Natural Pet Products says:

Not many people realize or furbabies allergies appear as itchy, irritated skin which can become infected from excessive scratching. Addressing and finding a solution for the allergies can help these sweet babies from all the this ! 😄

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