Best Dog Hot Spot Home Remedy

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Dr Jones shows you the exact steps to naturally treat your dog’s hot spot at home. How to properly clip and clean, simple antiseptic scrub, along with easy and inexpensive home remedy to treat the hot spot.

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Joel Garcia says:

Thank you doc. God bless!

debbie edwards says:

I can't upload my two photos, and that's a shame, because the difference is totally night and day. If anybody knows how I can upload photos from my iPad to Dr. Jones video, please let me know

debbie edwards says:

Dr. Jones, again THANK YOU so much. I watched your video on hotspots yesterday, made the tea and aspirin, and did exactly as you said. I'm going to try to show you the before and after pictures, just in a 24 hour period, I can hardly believe it, and honestly if I hadn't done this myself and he wasn't my dog, to be perfectly honest, I'm sure I wouldn't believe it, but it is absolutely 100% TRUE.

debbie edwards says:

ATHANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. My little Malteese that I've only had for about six weeks now, has a couple hotspots on his rear end right above his tail. I don't know how old he is, I'm figuring 4-5 years old. He was found by my sister on the street all matted and with a few other ailments. She took him to her get (we live in different states, and I didn't have any pets, so no vet either) we believe, after my sister did some local research by where she found him, that he came from a puppy mill. he was an intact male, previous broken leg, tumor on head, and matted to the ground, he did not have an easy life. I've never had a dog that wasn't greatly affectionate, but I do now 😉, but I would like to take as good care as I can of him, he deserves it. I am on a small fixed income, so anyplace I can get information on how to help him without taking half of my monthly income to take him to the vet, is GREATLY appreciated!! Thank you very much. I'm up and doing that tea thing in one minute, I've already shaved the area this morning when I first saw something was wrong, and I was treating it with a topical ointment (Nyistatin) but my sister told me not to use that bc that's for a fungal infection and it's not supposed to be used on an open wound, I did not know. So all day I've just been washing the spot with warm water and mild hand soap and drying it well. Now I'm going to do the tea and aspirin thing, thank you very much. God Bless you.

Ayesha Khan says:

can we use hydrogen peroxide instead of Tea for antiseptic?

MARTIN the fallen one says:

We found a Wwe's superstar dean Ambrose's doppelganger .. 😂

Mike says:

Hi Doc,

My chow chow has a small pinkish bump(its like a small growth) 6 inches above her paw(its on her lower leg) could that be a hotspot? It didnt seem wet or moist but we do live in Alberta,Canada where it snows 7-8 months a year maybe when she plays outside it gets wet and started to get infected? Pls help

Bryan Herincx says:

Hey Doc!
So I was showering my German Shepard dog and I felt a bunch or like scabs/bumps on her back , it’s like in a circle shape and it’s a lot in one spot. I’m not sure exactly what it is. But there’s scabs and blood. Would this video help with that ? I’m not sure if it’s a hot spot.

V̤̮AL says:

I kept wincing everytime he touched it

Joe King says:

I am not a Dr. but my Vet said to use Gold Bond Medicated foot powder .
I also use 1% hydrocortisone cream

mmbengs says:

Thanks much doc. Have a golden I took to the vet with huge facial HS. They started antibiotics and prescribed spray etc. but no at home treatment advice regarding cleaning. Your video SO helpful! A million thanks 🙏

dina silvano says:

Is that safe for a pregnant dog?

Selena Gaspar says:

Do we need the rose tea bag I only have black tea ?

p j says:

I have Alaskan Malamute shes 8 years old……….its cold here but it seems she has hot spot…..if she does why?

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