How to Get Rid of Red Eyes – The #1 Best Eye Drops for Red Eyes

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Looking for the best eye drops for getting rid of red eyes? Check Out Lumify here :

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Lumify Eye Drops

Best Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

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About This Video:
Are you wondering what causes bloodshot eyes and red eyes treatment? Well in this video, Dr. Joseph Allen, OD, FAAO from Doctor Eye Health reviews how to get rid of red eyes fast with Lumify eye drops. If you are bothered by bloodshot eyes and researching the best treatment for red eyes, then this is the video for you. Having red eyes can give the appearance that you either have pink eye or that you may have been smoking something, so if you are wondering what is the best eye drops for pink eye or the best eye drops for red eyes after smoking weed, then for sure watch this video.
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Doctor Eye Health says:

🔴 Eye Health QOTD! // Have you tried Lumify yet? Do you have any tips on how to get rid of red eyes?

Ricardo Viatruso says:

Hey Doc, what is your opinion on Clear Eyes Contact Lens Multi-Action RELIEF eye drops? (Its a Rewetting drop but not sure if it’s effective for redness).

Lilly Flower says:

Great video! Lumify is the first eye drop that clears the redness and doesn't make my eyes feel super dry later on. I just ordered the warm compress mask off of amazon that you recommended. I'm looking forward to trying it out! Thank you for all of the great content!

Johnny Alarez says:

Hey doc wanted to thank you for your videos, I’ve been wearing glasses for since the 7th grade and now do to all your videos I made the discussion to switch to contact and be able to buy the right solutions and the right contact for me.

Light Seeker says:

Thanks for the video! I have an unrelated question, to which I've never found any answer. I was wondering if the use of a hydrogen peroxide solution, even though I know it's really good at desinfecting and removing protein buildup, could paradoxically make contact lenses less comfortable by degrading the special coating or special "ingredients" that keep them moist and fresh even after several hours of wearing them ?? Thanks 🙂

J. Ward says:

This dude is the best in YouTube.
Love these videos


hey! I’d love to see a video on keratoconus as I’ve been diagnosed with it but is stable

Joanne Choo says:

Thank you Doctoreyehealth, need your recommendations.Your 112th like.

Amyza Emran says:

Hello, could you explain what is anisocoria and is it dangerous? Because my right eye pupil is larger than the left eye pupil and I also have blurry vision

lylvls says:

Can you please do a video on implanted contacted lenses? Thanks!

Tara Diane says:

Can't wait for my next eye appointment so I can impress Dr. Min with my knowledge! If you haven't already done a video on allergy eye drops (couldn't find one, but may have missed it), would love to see one if a certain drop is superior/preferred. Also, any opinion on the cooling eye drops that I've been seeing lately? I know Rohto is known for theirs. This is my favorite new sub. 🙂

Jade Murray says:

Be my eye doctor? Please? 😂😂🤣🤣👀

Juan Morales says:

Wanna get red eyes? Very simple
1. Go get shampoo
2. Put it on your eyes
Enjoy your new red eyes!
Don’t worry you can easily remove them by watching this video!

Mostly Veggie says:

Great information. I have dry eyes and my eyes get red quite easily. I need to get the Lumify!

Ben Keyser says:

My grandpa is an ophthalmologist and I would always shadow him on take your child to work day. I've always considered it, but I feel like it's a lot of commitment. I like your videos a lot though 🙂

Carolina Margo says:

Subscribed because you're cute

Sterling Williams says:

#Priceless video and knowledge 💯 Dr EH!! I’ve known since I was a kid what long term damage visible can do as one of my Moms best friend used it more and more and her eyes became permanently red as they needed the drops as she became a visineaholic so to speak. I’ve only used eye drops when truly necessary and now good to know what they best ones actually for our eyes are!

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