Zaditor Eye Drops Review For Allergies and Dry Eyes

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In this video I review the allergy eye drop known as Zaditor. Zaditor is an antihistamine that helps reduce inflammation that may cause some allergy like symptoms. For me, it helps reduce the red bumps under my eyelids that cause my tears to evaporate in less than one second. The average is ten seconds.

I get a slight burning sensation when I put them in, but to me it feels like they are working. The medicine claims to last 12 hours, but in my case it’s between 4-6.

If you have issues with eye allergies, the Amazon Affiliate link below is the most recent deal on Zaditor drops as of this video’s release.

I’m not a medical professional, so please consult with your doctor before starting any medication!


Miguel Alvarado says:

Thank you Pal! I'm gonna use it.

Vegan Dolls says:

i have a hard time believing that anything beats green rohtos!

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