What you can do to save our kids

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Nutrients that are vital to repair damage


Carol Hartwell says:

Let's go to the root cause of our problems. We have the military-industrial-commercial complexes who for money and power, want to harm us even though they are blinded and influenced by govts etc and they think they are helping sometimes and sometimes not.. Ex President Gen. Eisenhower warned about this in his farewell speech. So read this link below and you will know who is behind all this. If you learn and listen, there will be good news for you. Remember Daniel 2:44 says "In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever" GOOD NEWS because we are in the final "minutes" of this wicked system of things ruled by satan. Since he knows this also, he is trying to kill us all one way or another. It is becoming more and more obvious to people but they don't know why or who or how close we are to it. The attack on Babylon the Great is happening now as per Rev. chapter 18 and Matthew 24:14 is now fulfilled and continuing "This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.” I'm giving you this information here and some come to your door to give this message from God. So listen. Don't be like the people in Noah's day. Listen because this is too good an opportunity to miss for you and your family. jw. org


Wendy Dixon says:

You are amazing wow 🧠♥️♥️

Cyberlof says:

Reads title
We can keep them away from you. Prevent a risk of serious spinal damage and strokes.

Leba Sleiman says:

Dr Bergman, you are the best !!!

Dream Seeker says:

Thank you for all you teach on these videos.

Heidi M says:

Awesome info – thanks!

Iknow Jack says:

I fuckin love you Dr Bergman.

Jennifer Thulin says:

Happy to tell you that on may 10th 2017 Swedens goverment said NO to mandatory vaccinations, based on the individuals right to make decisions about their own health! only right decision they made so far but it is fundamental! That is a fact to use in the fight to each humans rights!!

Eileen MacDougall says:

True healer. God bless Dr. John.

Sparks and Bubbles says:

An interesting take on part of it…..Check the Nemechek protocol for kids with developmental issues/autism… Inulin, DHA, olive oil… A lots of people have amazing results with it….and it cost about $13/mo to implement.

Vincent Bond says:

Is it posible to Watch this in German?

Jill Long says:

One good man who really cares. We love you too!

Eloah DRmwvr says:

you had me up until you said bone broth and the truth is no matter how brilliant you are I can't take you seriously because you don't apply and knowledge that you claim to have I couldn't possibly trust and oncologist who is riddled with cancer do you understand what I'm saying change will be thrust upon you and then you will truly be great but until that time ditch the bone broth think about what you're saying do you even realize what you're telling people you are responsible just as much as they are for believing the things that come out of your mouth if you're going to lead people don't be a Shepherd taking people into a pit of fire

Matt Fowler says:

Just made our first purchase of 100% grass fed/grass finished beef (1/4 cow). Been 98% grain free for over a year. No milk but need to cut out the cheeses. Thanks for the the encouraging rants!

andrew says:

Hey John, love you always. Want to ask your honest opinion about frequency of adjustment after correction? My doc recommends every 2 weeks for about 26 more sessions but I am concerned about the frequency, thinking more like once every 3 weeks. I'm genuinely healthy and got all your advice as lifestyle already. What say you brother? Thanks!

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