Blood type diet

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Eating according to your blood type. This will change your life!
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This channel is meant to help people with their health from a layman’s perspective. Very practical down to earth. I try to keep everything as healthy, no side effects, simple and inexpensive! Always looking for the fastest cure and the best value. Hope this helps you. Check out my V-blog to watch my progress as we go through this journey together.Video blog of my life and what I did to fix my chronic illness. I don’t have cancer, broken bones, tumors no brain issues even AIDS.
I do have a ruptured disk, a herniated disk, sciatica, collapsed vertebrae some arthritis and my back is killing me as I start this V-blog. Also allergic to mold and dust mites. There are food sensitivities too. MSG monosodiumglutimate that puts me on my butt fast! Almost all processed food are bad to one extent or another.
Then the big one, Menierie’s disease. That is a chronic inner ear condition.
When I have an allergic reaction, I go into vertigo, I don’t get the sniffles or watery eyes. lately my immune system has been in hyper mode and I have had many food and environment reactions. Vertigo several times per day. I will talk about this and how I beat it! Jack LaLanne says if God didn’t make it, don’t eat it! Dr. Mercola says if it tastes sweet spit it out! That is a bit extreme. I like sweet foods! But I did learn that sugar is bad period. If you are fighting any illness DON’T EAT SUGAR! I sure hope this channel helps you.


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