Does Latex Cause Allergies? Yanis Mattresses

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I originally founded Yanis Mattresses after working as a latex components supplier to the bedding and healthcare industries for a number of years. During this time, I saw first-hand quite what a difference a high quality mattress made to the overall health and wellbeing of patients, but also how many problems had their roots in people sleeping on worn out, poor quality mattresses. Before long, I knew that far too few people realised they were sleeping on inferior and unhealthy mattresses, let alone how to identify a truly high quality mattress.
Unfortunately, the bedding industry was not so keen to educate its customers about the benefits of latex mattresses, perhaps because they were spending millions of pounds on promoting memory foam which was already a big seller. In contrast, there were only a handful of companies, one of them Dunlopillo, offering full latex mattresses.
I realised that this had to change and made it my mission to source the very highest quality latex mattresses and make them available to everyone at a competitive price. And so Yanis Mattresses was born!
Teodor Kozhuharov


jeff kfihd says:

and you forget to say that harmful voc still emit after vulcanization .. you dont know shit about latex matress go check an air chamber test you will see that you are wrong

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