Axe Body Spray Allergic Reaction

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This video discusses the Axe Body Spray Allergic Reaction that is ALL over the news. A high school in Pensylvania has asked students to stop wearing the body spray after an allergic reaction hospitalized one student.

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While might sound unusual and extreme it’s actually far more common than you might expect – According to American Lung Association 30-40% of people experience some form of allergic reaction to fragrances.

These symptoms range from sneezing and
headaches to the more severe reaction we are hearing about out of Pennsylvania.

As sad as this story is, it’s important for us to use cases like this to remind people that one little spritz of seemingly innocent perfume may not necessarily as safe as we think.

What many people don’t know about conventional fragrances is that they are primarily made with synthetic ingredients.
– over 90% contain synthetic musks that are known neurotoxins and were banned in Japan in the 1980’s – not sure why we still allow them in this country.
– over 90% contain diethyl phthalates – which while are reportedly safe – are a known environmental hazard.
– these statistics don’t even address the safety of the synthesized ingredients that make up the body of the perfume.


Prem Kumar says:

yes true i make skin dark turns black

greyslump says:

3-4 years of using axe and always itching. changed to old spice and haven’t had 1 problem smh

AN GK says:

Almost 2 years of hives even after stopped using, thanks to AXE Gold Temptation.

hacker must says:

I got red bumps on my stomach fuckk axe

Lett0925 says:

Hi what happened to you

Phillip Quintela says:

I got a bad reaction to axe.

cris sanchez says:

Axe fuck u go to hell bam margera too for promoting it

mrgetrealpeople says:

Don't delude yourself botanicals are any better, most essential oil are use by plant for chemical defense, examples citronellal, Lemon oil,lime oil,orange oil,LINALOOL  all potent pesticides.

Mike Somerville says:

I had my 4th allergic episode as a teacher last Friday. Thankfully, this one did not result in an ambulance ride again. My airway closes up and it is difficult to talk or even remain standing. I get a massive headache, and cannot function for about an hour, even with my albuterol rescue inhaler (which I have never needed any other time). This was just from walking down an empty hallway where someone had recently used Axe products. Princilpal notified again, awaiting their response.

Craig Grass says:

Naturals and synthetic fragrances are both problematic. People can be allergic to plants and herbs as well. Adverse effects resulting from the use of botanical fragrances include irritant and allergic contact dermatitis, photocontact dermatitis, contact urticaria, pigmentation abnormalities, acneiform eruptions. (Partial list of how natural botanicals can affect skin.) Respiratory effects from botanical fragrances include allergic asthma, and allergic rhinitis. Synthetics are just as bad/worse.

Susan Westfahl says:

…I know so many who use this spray, sharing.

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