A revolutionary treatment for allergies to peanuts and other foods

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Eating small but increasing doses of peanuts seems to protect kids with peanut allergies, but the therapy comes with risks and unknowns

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Chris Burns

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Sarah Crespi

Chris Burns
Jennifer Couzin-Frankel
Lila Guterman
Sarah Crespi

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Jennifer Couzin-Frankel

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Phlegethon says:

So now you can eat three whole peanuts?

nickt says:

backround music too loud

David Boson says:

lol – prospers

David Boson says:

We need to develop a drug that can be patented – so that the company that invents it makes squillions. Then there is a treatment, and the economy for pharmacuticals propers.

theoriginalwasa says:

Ooorrrr just bloody give peanuts to your kids when they are young so they dont become alergic in the first place.

Stephen Blackwell says:

The reason its getting worse is that the people that have the worse allergic reaction that might have died are being saved through awareness and better medication these people are having children and passing their genes to their children instead of being removed from the gene pool

EliteDeltaTeam says:

Cool! Less things to worry about when selecting food for the crew

Some Curiosities says:

Three peanuts in a sponsored study does not a "revolution" make imo…

Animesh Sharma says:

Finally, the allergies are under focus for developing treatments 🙂

Tian-hao Zhang says:

could you engineer peanut to remove the antigen?

ThinkBlue says:

I have a nut allergy. Not just a peanut, but hasel nut etc. too. And Avoiding Peanuts isnt that hard. And living with constant awareness of your surroundings really isnt bad either.

Darth Elf Oil says:

Great video 😀 You guys deserve so much more love and subscribers!

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