Watch this video for asthma home remedies and treatment for mucus cough witch also known as phlegm cough. In urdu it is called khansi ka ilaj. Asthma is a chronic lung disease which causes difficulty [More]
This video talks about what asthma is, what happens during an asthma episode and what asthma feels like. After watching this series, you will have a basic understanding of asthma and why it is important [More]
My weekend pretty much summed up. Oh the fun I had!
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Watch and learn. Knowing this is important and it will help you or your child achieve the best asthma health possible.
This video presents following topic Definition of Asthma Triad of Events Types Pathogenesis Role of allergens Role of Mast cells, T Cells, and B cells. Role of eosinophils, and neutrophils. Role of IL4, IL5, and [More]
Can you optimize the function of all the systems in your body and protect yourself from nearly all the diseases of aging simply by taking a few vitamins? You can, but you need to know [More]
What causes allergies? What can homeopathy do to help?