In a first of its kind study, research led by Dr. Wesley Burks, Chair of Pediatrics at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, shows promise in the use of oral immunotherapy for the [More]
Texas Children’s Dr. Carla Davis explains what parents and children need to know about heading back to class with food allergies. For more information about the Food Allergy Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital, visit
(DENVER, Colorado) – For parents of children with food allergies, back-to-school time can be particularly stressful. When children are away at school, parents have little control over the foods children may encounter. But a few [More]
As kids head back to school her are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with the school and your kids food allergies.
A video created by kids with food allergy to improve peer food allergy education and management.
Kids speak candidly about living with food allergies. Narrated by WGN Reporter Paul Konrad.
On this episode of MomDocs, Lila Kertz an allergy nurse practitioner at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, helps parents understand the signs for a cold vs. allergies. There are specific symptoms that will indicate whether your [More]
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Could my newborn already have allergies? As Lila Kertz, an allergy nurse practitioner at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, explains, children must have a full season of exposure to an allergen before developing a reaction to [More]