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Due to the increasing numbers of life-threatening food allergies, its awareness should be emphasized and highlighted more than ever! The more that family and friends understand an individual’s allergies, the more they can support them [More]
Many types of food can cause allergic reactions in middle childhood. The most common of these are cow’s milk and other dairy products, egg whites, poultry, seafood, wheat, nuts, soy and chocolate.
Allergist Dr. Sakina Bajowala explains how food allergies are identified and managed. We meet a family who has spent their lives managing a severe peanut allergy.
While you may have grown up without ever hearing of a food allergy, today an estimated 26 million people (including at least six million children) have one. But researchers now think they have the answer [More]
Your allergies can become worse if stressed. Dr. BJ Lanser, pediatric allergiest at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, explains how histamine affects allergy