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Daniel’s Allergy- When Daniel tries a peach for the first time, he learns he is allergic to the fruit. Dad and Doctor Anna take care of him, and Doctor Anna tells Daniel how he can [More]
Food allergies and anaphylaxis are on rise, as are peanut-free schools, baseball parks and airplanes. But is it possible or medically recommended to isolate food-allergic children from killer proteins? This hot topic is spicing up [More]
High school may seem like a huge step, but being safe with food allergies is manageable as long as you take the right precautions and are prepared. This video shows how you can have a [More]
This video is for school nutrition professionals to learn about managing food allergies.
Ragweed season peaks around Labor Day in some parts of the country – just as kids are settling back into school. An allergist gives tips and remedies to help keep allergies from impacting children at [More]
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