Two books you can customize to match your child’s food allergies. Available on — For girls: The Allergic Princess For boys: The Allergic Prince
Awareness and Education for Food Allergies
Award-winning functional nutritionist Christine Bailey has been pioneering allergy-free cooking for years. As a mother of three children with autoimmune conditions, Christine understands the effect food reactions can have on all aspects of you and [More]
Google+ Hangout “Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe” hosted by Joyce Brewer of Topic include: labeling your child’s food, finding reliable child care, allergen-friendly restaurants and hoping the children will grow out of the [More]
In the past, we were told not to introduce certain foods to babies under one year of age. Now a new study says we can. For more info, please go to
See how one Triad mom is helping to prevent food related allergies for her son…
“Time for Kids” segment featuring The BugaBees!
Available for purchase on mid September 2011 – In this children’s book on peanut allergies, Jude throws a Halloween party safe for his peanut allergy and learns about his friend Henry’s milk and cheese [More]