Thai talks about his Food Allergies using the children’s book ‘ Thai Goes To A Birthday Party – Dealing with Food Allergies. Children learn not only by being read to but by the images in [More]
As a parent of a child with food allergies, what advice do you have for others coming after you dealing with a new diagnosis of food allergy for their children?
Subscribe to Healthcare Triage! Allergies and atopic disease are on the rise. Especially food allergies in kids. A HUGE new study has looked at how changes to the microbiome can lead to allergies. Like [More]
Do you eat the same foods day in and day out? Do you and your kids have many food sensitivities? Variety IS the spice of life! Try it.
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Dr Rapp M.D. has been at the forfront of promoting the importance of a healthy and clean environment. She has written many books on the subject including ‘Our Toxic World- A Wake up Call’ that [More]
Allergy Books For Kids is an educational series by Canadian allergy mom Michelle Nel and Illustrated by American allergy mom Jennifer Terry. There Are No B-List Allergies! This book takes a celebrity vantage point to [More]