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The Best Guide to Allergy
This is an awesome food allergy children’s book that will surely start the conversation about food allergies in your child’s school/daycare or preschool. It teaches tolerance, acceptance and what a young child should do if [More]
“Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies” is available now!
Join Thai on his adventures as he prepares for the start of school. The third book in the series is aimed at 4 -7 year olds and their parents and covers important events such as: [More]
Available on The Allergic Princess by Jennifer Chung and Keira Chung is a colorful and playfully illustrated picture book that can be customized to accommodate multiple food allergies and different symptoms, thereby allowing [More]
Episode #136: Leo Galland, MD – The Allergy Solution: learn the top ways to uncover hidden allergies and how to rebalance your immune system. ➢ Dr. Galland’s New book ➢ Listen to the Audio [More]
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