A silver award girl scout project made to raise awareness on peanut allergies and also complete a silver award.
FREE video! The Safe Food Friends will teach your child how to be safe with a milk allergy! Fun and interactive video that kids love! Songs! Dancing! And most importantly, the tools that kids need [More]
Creativity for Kids Bracelet Bead Weaver Loom Set
Food allergies can start in children as young as just a few months old. Dr. Elvin Mendez, an allergist with Lee Health, says peanuts, milk, and eggs are the most common food allergies in young [More]
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The importance of our Medical ID Bracelets
For young children in the toddler years, one of the most common allergens that can have the biggest impact on a child’s nutritional status is an allergy to cow’s milk proteins. For toddlers the milk [More]
*VLOG* SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 Today was definitely more laid back compared to the rest of this past week. I was able to get a little shopping done. The kids had fun hanging out with [More]
http://pennstatehershey.org/childrens Peanuts, milk, even chocolate. People can be allergic to just about any type of food. In this week’s Building Blocks for Healthy Kids we talk to a family living with food allergies.