Get Now Reads A Q A Book about Peanuts and Tree Nut Allergies: How to Keep Loved Ones Safe from Allergic Reactions (Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies 1) New E-Books
Emily likes to play with her dolls, swim, do arts and crafts, and watch movies. Emily also has a peanut allergy. Emily’s personalized picture book was created by Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books. To order [More]
Zack, my 2 years old son, has level 5 allergy to peanuts. Even though school was informed, one of his classmates brought some candy made by peanuts and he had a strong reaction where I [More]
Jude the Dude is a Children’s Peanut Allergy Book available on Amazon
A New Therapy May Cure Kids of Peanut Allergy
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Researchers have completed a study that challenges the conventional wisdom about peanut allergies. As CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook explains, the study found that a child’s early exposure to peanut protein dramatically [More]
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