Beat Wrinkles, Acne, Dark Spots And Skin Allergies With Using Guava Leaves. We have all suffered from a certain skin issue, including wrinkles, acne, blemishes, hypersensitivities or dark spots on the face. People usually choose [More] What is Psoriasis | Symptoms | Treatments | Causes | Pictures | Types Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that is marked by patches of intensely itchy and flaky skin that doesn’t go away [More] **FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @playinghooksies *** Can anyone help me with this issue? I am very allergic to nut products and coconut products, and most natural hair products use these as their main feature. [More]
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Its been a pretty messy rollercoaster for us with Indies skin. We’ve tried so many treatments and cream only for them to work for one week and then stop working at all or not worked [More]