It has been my experience that flea shampoos cause my dogs hot spots! English Bulldogs have sensitive skin and harsh medications cause skin irritations on your dog. I use Suave or Baby Shampoo (any [More]
Over 15% of dogs suffer from skin allergies or itchy skin conditions. This hypoallergenic dog shampoo is formulated with Manuka hydrosol, coconut cleansers and aloe vera with a pH level to match dog’s skin. This [More]
Great, easy to make dog shampoo. Only 5 ingredients will work together in repelling fleas and ticks or other insects. It will leave their coat shinny, soft and healthy looking but most of all it [More]
Skin allergies cannot be just neglected, most primarily when it comes to dog skin allergies. Practically, there are many kinds of dog skin allergies, referring to the different causes.
Protecting your dog’s from skin allergies can be as simple as using a special hypoallergenic dog shampoo formulated with the correct ingredients to balance the skin pH and protect it against bacterial and fungal infection. [More]