EDELSIGN – HEXAGON Tire Rim Valve Stem Caps – Set of 4 pcs. – Premium Valve Caps with HIGH GLOSS CHROME surface (brass + chromium) Dust Caps for ALL car + bike tyre valves. Top [More]
doTERRA Essential Oil & Product 101! Learn about what an essential oil is (what’s all the fuss about anyways?!), and how to use them! We also briefly cover the foundation of wellness, whole food based [More]
*DISCLAIMER* Make sure that you are using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils which means DO NOT buy your oils from Target or Walmart. Cheepest DOES NOT WORK for essential oils! The only two brands [More]
Veggie Caps 101 – How to fill a veggie capsule. Watch as I make myself a veggie capsule before bed. Fill Veggie Cap with: 1 or 2 drops of each of the following doTERRA essential [More]
Wintergreen: Absolutely bottom line amazing for Muscles, Joints & Bones! It can support your bladder, kidney’s and urinary tract along with a ton of other things. This also when diffused also influences, elevates and increases [More]
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Sinus support-roller ball containing Young Living oils
doTERRA’s advice on ingestion: Contributed by Dr. Joshua Yorgason, MD – Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon) Member of doTERRA Medical Advisory Board Each type of oil contains a mixture of natural chemical compounds unique [More]
I hope this helps all you allergy sufferers out there! I hate allergy season, I’m always complaining about my symptoms! I use lemon , lavender, and peppermint (3drops each in a capsule, every 6-8 hours [More]