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Get rid of red eyes fast and easy. Bloodshot eyes develop for many reasons, including allergies, lack of sleep or a crying spell. No matter the cause, bloodshot eyes turn puffy and red, and it [More]
Matt suffered from allergies all of his life. As a small child he would have allergy attacks so bad that the only thing that would help a little was a dose of medication and trying [More]
SneezeNarratorWhat’s happens in your body when you’re allergic to something? It’s actually a very complicated process. Let’s take hay fever as an example.When an antigen like pollen first enters the body, white blood cells gather [More]
Eye Allergies and Contact lenses, how to wear contacts with allergy eyes. Help contact lens wearers during allergy season with this great tip! Wear Daily Disposables during High pollen count days. 0:20 Pollens and contact [More]
Suffer from cat or dog allergies? Did you know you can reverse your pet allergies using holistic allergy drops treatments. It’s not uncommon for people to be allergic to their pets and not even realize [More]
One of the safest, most convenient ways to treat the cause of your allergies is with custom sublingual immunotherapy, or allergy drops. Allergy drops can train your body to tolerate the things that cause your [More]
Barbara and her son Ian tried everything to find some relief from Ian’s seasonal allergies. There had to be more than just shots and other traditional methods. Are sublingual drops the solution?
Eye allergies are very very common in children especially in the dry area like Bangalore or Ooty where there is lot of pollen along with dust and pollution. Eye allergies are usually self-limiting. Most of [More]
Johns Hopkins allergist and otolaryngologist Sandra Lin answers questions about sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergy treatment. She provides information on how SLIT is used, its effectiveness and the advantages of using it over other allergy [More]