Learn more about allergy drops at www.CornerStoneAllergyDrops.com. Video transcription Travis: Before I started the allergy drops my symptoms were every day. It would be the eyes would be crusted shut in the morning, trouble breathing. [More]
ACTT Allergy Drops are needle free, easy to administer, and just as effective as allergy shots. Now available through Bio-Medical Services, more pets can receive the allergy treatment they need. Available for dogs, cats and [More]
Travis had suffered from allergies for 20 years. As a soccer coach who is out on the field every day, he always felt the full brunt of allergy season. Travis had tried medications that were [More]
ACTT Allergy Drops by Bio-Medical Services
ACTT Allergy Drops, Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment for Pets
Mouth Drops May Help Ragweed Allergy
Sublingual allergy drops for allergies, sinus, asthma, pet allergied, postnasal drip, chronic cough, sinus headaches
Dr. Bob talks about allergy drops and how they compare to allergy shots. For more health tips and information visit http://www.DrBobShow.com.
http://www.keyetv.com/ If you sneeze and wheeze, you’re part of the majority. More than half of Americans are allergic to at least one thing. Up to now, ultimate long-term relief meant getting weekly allergy shots. But, [More]
Sublingual Immunotherapy or (SLIT) is a method of allergy treatment that uses an allergen solution given under the tongue, which over the course of treatment, reduces sensitivity to allergens. SLIT can be used to treat [More]