Barbara and her son Ian tried everything to find some relief from Ian’s seasonal allergies. There had to be more than just shots and other traditional methods. Are sublingual drops the solution?
Eye allergies are very very common in children especially in the dry area like Bangalore or Ooty where there is lot of pollen along with dust and pollution. Eye allergies are usually self-limiting. Most of [More]
Johns Hopkins allergist and otolaryngologist Sandra Lin answers questions about sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergy treatment. She provides information on how SLIT is used, its effectiveness and the advantages of using it over other allergy [More]
This is an ingredients in deodorants, prescription hair products and hair sprays and prescription eye drops and eye gels. It will cause severe allegoric reactions. Use products with this ingredients at your own risk.
**More info down here!!** Thanks for watching! As always, feel free to leave any constructive criticism you may have! I love to hear from you guys about how I can make better videos! Social Media: [More]
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Summit Shah Ohio If you suffer from allergies, you are probably quite familiar with the route to your allergist’s office and you’ve likely spent more than a few hours traveling to and from appointments for [More]