Judy and Glenda discuss allergies to metals and how it affects jewellery worn in this informative, but fun video.
Hope you’ve found our video to be helpful. Nickel Solution by Athena Allergy can be found on and so can the cute nickel-free elephant ring! Test performed by Ellenviva Fashion Jewelry. Soundtrack credits: [More]
This video takes a closer look into the health of the scalp. Pay close attention and realize the difference between regular dandruff and… WATCH the VIDEO and SUBSCRIBE!!!
Regardless of the allergy or health issue you are currently living with Carol’s treatments work and have helped hundreds of people just like you… people who have decided that they have suffered long enough and [More]
Piercings don’t always go the way you intend. Julie and Abby are very upset theirs didn’t go as planned. I feel terrible they are in so much pain! Julie pierces her ears: SUBSCRIBE HERE: [More]
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