Tim takes me on a romantic date, we buy some air purifying plants for our house and finish our baby registry. Thanks for watching! I hope you have a great Monday:D If you enjoyed this [More]
Your bed is killing you…slowly. Conventional mattresses, blankets, and pillows are robbing you of your health. The materials that are used to make them are known to cause respiratory issues, birth defects, and impotency. This [More]
Wifey just brought home 2 bamboo pillows. I was hesitant at first but now I’m a believer. Today I’m reviewing a king size bamboo pillow. The pillow makes a lot of claims and one of [More]
Meijer’s Aller-Ease can help you breathe easier and itch less without a prescription or a high pharmacy price.
Our most popular Mattress and Pillow Health Protector features our exclusive NO-MITE™ Breathable Barrier and a soft terry cotton top – providing renowned HealthGuard™ protection and soft comfort. Exclusive NO-MITE™ Breathable Barrier Eliminates mold, mildew, [More]
Have you ever washed a pillow? If so, the result was probably a lumpy or flat pillow that had to be thrown away. The AllerEase Washable Pillow is the first pillow to be truly washable [More]
Aller-Ease Hypoallergenic Allergy Protection Body Pillow reviews. music from incompetech.com
This simple technique has helped thousands of people naturally without drugs or invasive procedures.
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