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Fish oil supplements in pregnancy ’may reduce allergies’Dr Robert Boyle, lead author of the research, from the department of medicine at Imperial College London, said: “Our research suggests probioticand fish oil supplements may reduce a [More]
Top 5 Essential Oils for Allergies. In the course of the most recent 50 years, the ascent in pervasiveness of hypersensitive ailments and disarranges has proceeded in the industrialized world. Unfavorably susceptible rhinitis, the medicinal [More]
If you don’t agree with our list leave a comment with your opinion! 🙂 The Best Essential Oils for Allergies — 1. Lavender 2. Lemon 3. Eucalyptus 4. Ginger 5. Cypress 6. Peppermint 7. Helichrysum [More]
Instructional video on making your own allergy inhaler with essential oils. Full recipes for adults and children on my web site.
If you’re are interested in making allergy roll-ons then watch this video! Sarah and I made a short video to show the DIY process. Hope you enjoy! Credits to: Young Living for LIFE CHANGING oils [More]
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