HI! I have been allergic to different eyeshadow brands without me even knowing it! After applying certain eyeshadows or pencils, my eyes would tear thereby ruining my eyeshadow efforts. After the first application of Urban [More]
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Subscribe for more beauty tips and tricks!►►https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChAZ If you have puffy eyes, or your eyes have dark circles or “bags” beneath them, it makes you look years older than you are, and can cause your [More]
Soy and hypoallergenic formulas are alternatives to breast milk and regular infant powders. Soy based formulas are derived from soy beans rather than cow’s milk. Hypoallergenic powders contain a more easy to digest form of [More]
Milford and the kids plan to give Bessie a cake for her birthday. The year before Milford got her sunflowers, ending up with Bessie sneezing due to her allergies. The cake for Bessie’s birthday goes [More]
Elvis 2016 a year of truth, change, And most importantly, back to Elvis is alive. Since August 2016 we felt the return of the King. There were enough clues. The graceland drummed video cam is [More]
A well documented occurrence at a debate on 10/11/2011. This has been covered by major outlets, but they’ve all missed the point! Ron Paul’s eyebrow begins to fall off during his rambling speech. After the [More]
We went online and asked people who give healthcare for a living to tell us what they do not like about their jobs. We told them they could disguise themselves if they need to, so [More]
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her poor allergies prevent her from getting many treats but we made pudding, hoping we could disguise her arsenal of pills in it…. (she wasn’t fooled! -but loved the pudding!).