Anaphylaxis is an emergency condition that occurs when an animal reacts adversely to a particular allergen. In extreme situations, this reaction can be fatal. The condition is fairly unpredictable, as almost any substance can potentially [More] Dr Jones feeds his dog Tula a poor quality canned food that results in diarrhea. Her’s how he treats Tula and how you can easily and safely treat your dog at home with simple [More]
Jaxie has a pretty big grass allergy… I tried to play fetch with him, but instead I got this… slug dog. Poor little guy.
This is a demonstration video on how to give your pet its allergy vaccine injection. Thank you to Dr. Adam Parson and the Upper Arlington Veterinary Hospital.
Millie, an 11-year-old Hungarian Vizsla, can enjoy going on walks again, thanks to special boots which have helped her overcome her grass allergy. Millie’s allergies are so severe that she comes out in painful lumps [More]
Dog eats chocolate, projectile vomits in gross image after festive binge. Toblerone changed the shape of its chocolate bars so now everyone gets less chocolate. Subscribe to TomoNews ►► TomoNews is your best source for [More]
Nearly 100 million Americans have a canine companion at home. Most people think the size of your home should determine the size of your ideal dog. You want a dog who’s not a big barker, [More]
Boxers.. boxer puppies.. and shenanigans.