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We’ve lost our Polle almost a year ago (29-08-2009) and on this site we want to keep her alive ! She was so grateful when we gave her this pillow because she slept with it, [More]
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Our Boxer will sometimes have these episodes of uncontrollable licking and drooling. We never know what makes them start. They seem to resolve on their own. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction to something? Maybe it’s [More]
This video will show you everything that you will need to know about the Boxer Dog breed. canine chin acne is a skin disorder commonly found in dogs of all breeds. In some breeds canine chin acne is more common than others. Dog that are more likely to get canine chin [More]
English bulldogs are very high maintenance and are prone to allergies, breathing issues, knee problems…the list goes on. This episode we are going to focus on how to properly clean a bulldogs wrinkles…and yes, if [More]
Rocky wears his new “paw booties” for the first time. Due to all his allergies it’s a must and not just a fashion statement.🐾
The smallest puppy in her litter. Poor thing had found a piece of stockfish in the backyard before we came to pick her up, and an allergic reaction was a fact. Just look at her [More]