English bulldogs are very high maintenance and are prone to allergies, breathing issues, knee problems…the list goes on. This episode we are going to focus on how to properly clean a bulldogs wrinkles…and yes, if [More]
Rocky wears his new “paw booties” for the first time. Due to all his allergies it’s a must and not just a fashion statement.🐾
The smallest puppy in her litter. Poor thing had found a piece of stockfish in the backyard before we came to pick her up, and an allergic reaction was a fact. Just look at her [More]
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Wild and crazy Boxers Father and son, Full grown and puppy boxer dogs
Alice is a sweet natured 9 week old bulldog/boxer puppy. She was born on 9/28/11. She has been in foster care since she was 1 day old. She is very intelligent and focused during training, [More]
We moved to Florida and Zoe started developing these bad red bumpb – almost like hives all over her skin. We found out she’s allergic to bluegrass, ragweed, and a few other native tropical plants [More]
Jasper has been to the vet 3 times in 8 months because of allergies. After changing food, steroids and antibiotics the conclusion is the excessive paw chewing may be a bad habit. The suggestion of [More]