Erick BERNARD teste en direct un vaccin contre les allergies au chat L’actu française en sketchs humoristiques par Erick BERNARD matelesurlenet
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When it comes time to mate, trees, weeds, and grasses release thousands of pollen grains into the air — which can end up invading your nose, eyes, and lungs. If you’re allergic, your immune system [More] Pub Date: 1992 09 Pages: 624 Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks IS THIS YOUR CHILDThese are the major symptoms of potentially unrecognized allergies. Does your child suffer from any of the following Allergic Nose Rub [More]
10% de la population occidentale serait allergique aux chats, avec plus ou moins de gravité. Pour se protéger il existe des traitements de désensibilisation mais ils sont longs et pas toujours efficaces. Bonne nouvelle: des [More]
Allergen labelling within the European Union is currently regulated by the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 (FIC). The FIC sets requirements for allergen labelling of prepacked foods and allows for the member [More]
Natalie Castro, Registered Dietitian at Baptist Health South Florida, says it is important to read the food label because you have to know what is in the food that you are eating. “When you have [More]
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it’s studying whether to add sesame among foods that must be clearly labeled as an allergen on food packages. Currently, eight allergens must be labeled on food packaging: [More]
Dhineli Perera interviews Professor Connie Katelaris about why labelling an individual with a ‘cephalosporin allergy’ is inaccurate.
Allergy medicines for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients – Which are safe and will not cause kidney damage or kidney failure? If you have Chronic Kidney Disease and Allergies, what anti-allergy medicines can you take to [More]