Children across the country are starting to head back to school, and allergists are reminding parents to be prepared before kids enter the classroom.
So many children have allergies or dietary choices like Kosher and Vegetarian so having allergy labels like these that look cute and are easy to read are great for hosting playdates and parties! Comply with the latest allergen food labelling regulations EU1169/2011 with the Allergen Manager software from RL Solutions Ltd. For use with any of the most popular labelling packages to simply highlight your allergens for [More]
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Michelle Henry, a clinical dietitian, discusses what must be included on food labels, what it means for cross contact, as well as what it means for a product to have soy lecithin. sells a range of proactive Food Allergy Safety products that are designed by me and printed and shipped by This video speeds thru 180 products in 40 seconds.
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If you are selling or making a packaged food that contains mustard, then your product likely requires allergen labelling. More:
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