The FDA requires food manufacturers to disclose: 1. every ingredient that is actually contained in the food. 2. every ingredient that either (a) is one of the top 8 food allergens (defined below) or [More]
Chef Richard Rosendale recommends doing your homework before baking for someone with food allergies. Always check ingredient labels to make sure nothing has been prepared or processed in the viscinity of the allergen in question. [More]
Allergen Control within the Food Manufacturing Industry is important and does not need to be difficult. It takes a concerted effort on behalf of the entire team to formulate, receive, store, schedule and label allergenic [More]
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Le nez qui coule, les yeux qui grattent la gorge qui pique, des difficultés à respirer… Et si c’était les signes d’une allergie saisonnière. Comme chaque année, entre 10 et 20 % de la population [More]
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