Food product labeling around the world are very important to understand when following a special diet. The laws vary and have been established at different times across the globe: Australia and New Zealand since 2002, [More]
Last year, in August, we decided to have Jayden tested for some other food items that his Dad’s family is allergic to and he was interested in trying. Two of those items were Avocado and [More]
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This video explains the importance of reading labels on packaged food for those with food allergies.
Reading label ingredients is essential for preventing an allergic reaction to food. Learn about what to look for when reading ingredients with expert tips in this free health video. Expert: Audra Hartwig Bio: Audra Hartwig [More]
Beatrice Povolo, Director, Marketing & Communications, Anaphylaxis Canada discusses key tips for managing severe allergic reactions and properly reading food labels. EpiPenĀ® (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors are indicated for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is the [More]