This video is about what to do if you wake up with rash on your face – its called contact dermatitis. Best thing would be to do little as possible to the skin and don’t [More]
Cold Laser 3 re-educates the immune system in just 24 hours – you can live ALLERGY FREE!
BALACLAVA, SKI MASK, FACE MASK Double Layers Polyester Polar Fleece with Adjustable Strings allowing to control face opening. This balaclava designed by Catherine Bellaire was created for children diagnosed with “Cold Allergies” and also people [More]
This mask is great for those experiencing itching, flaky and irritated skin, especially those suffering from allergies. This Mask is not only easy and has few ingredients but it also has many benefits: Benefits of [More]
Hey Beautiful! Okay so I had this killer allergic rash and this bad boy gave that stubborn bugger the boot! Keep it in the fridge for 3-4 days! Avoid eyes when applying 🙂 I hope [More]
health tips for teens health tips for kids health tips for men health tips for college students health tips for seniors health tips for fall health tips hd health tips home remedies health tips hd [More] Protect your health in style with vogmask™, the world’s first good looking filtering face mask.
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This video is all about raw honey which has SO many benefits, including skin care! You can use it as a spot treatment or a mask to help heal acne. Thanks for watching! 🙂 unpasteurized [More]
A friend of mine wearing a “thug mask” testing out our local sandwich shop “Sandwichmasters” to see how good their customer service REALLY is.