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Well, another allergic reaction was bound to happen. But this time, we were prepared! IV Benadryl and Judd saved the day! We have a few kinks to sort out, but our first round of using [More]
Dr Chaffoo from Scripps talks with Shally Zomorodi from Fox 5 San Diego about the allergy season and some helpful tips to keep you healthy.
A quick look at a machine that now makes summers bearable for me! Hayfever has been a pain in the ass for me for years. This relatively cheap value for money machine means that I [More]
I did not say in the video that: 1. Most coughs are caused by your nose dripping down your throat. 2. These masks protect other people from you… 3. Also some masks that are small [More]
RESPRO TECHNO MASK: AMAZON URL: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: For general use in major cities, we recommend the Techno mask. The filter in the Techno mask combines the Sports Hepa-Type filter for sub-micron particulate pollutants, [More]