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Mitey Fresh demonstrates how to put an Allergy Free Dust Mite Cover onto Your Mattress. Mitey Fresh Dust Mite Covers totally encase your mattress. They are tested and proven to protect your family from dust [More]
1. SLEEP SAFE BED BUG, DUST MITE, and ALLERGEN PROOF “FULL 9″ Mattress ZipCover, Size: Full 54″ x 75” x 9″deep ENCASEMENT… Click here: . Dust Mite Mattress Cover. 2. SLEEP SAFE BED BUG, [More]
Your doctor told you that you are allergic to dust mites and get a mattress cover. You did. Now what. This video shows you how easy it is to put the dust mite cover on [More]
A mattress can double its weight over its lifespan due to dust mites. Learn how a mattress cover helps prevent dust mites with expert tips in this free health video. Expert: Audra Hartwig Bio: Audra [More]
Go to : Baby Elegance 54 x 114cm Healthguard Anti-Allergy Fibre Small Cot Mattress Baby Elegance 54 x 114cm Healthguard Anti-Allergy Fibre Small Cot Mattress
Baby Mattress Protector for Cribs – Waterproof Soft and Absorbent Quilted Cotton Surface – Comfortable and Hypoallergenic Mattress Pad for Baby Crib and Toddler Bed – Fitted Sheet Style Topper – Protects Children and Infants [More]
Description : HOMEFRONT AWARDED A WHICH ? BEST BUY ELECTRIC BLANKET, Top of the range Luxury quality electric blanket no other electric blanket on the market allows you to have individual settings for you [More]
Description : This mattress is professionally manufactured in the UK to a very high standard and it meets British Standards – Comfortable, breathable, reversible,supportive. Features an extra comfort layer for comfort – The cover [More] This video shows you a quick and easy way to install a mattress cover. You can put a cover on your mattress in under a minute with the help of a friend.