Learn about using muscle testing to test for allergies in this free video clip. Expert: Laurel Wolfe Bio: Laurel Wolfe is an herbalist, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, and has a BS in Nutrition. She has practiced in [More]
Our mission is to help youth find their voice – allowing them to effectuate change in their lives, their communities, and the world at large. We offer a variety of educational summer camps and after-school [More]
This webinar explains how to enter meaningful use data for three EHR Stage 1 core measures and one clinical quality measure (CQM). For EHR Stage 1, a patient’s Problem, Medication, and Allergy List should contain [More]
This video will walk the user through sending medication and allergy records from TRAKnet to the Patient Portal. For a written tutorial of these steps, please visit our TRAKnet wiki site, here: http://wiki.traknetpm.com/wiki:patient-portal-sending-patient-info
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Researchers found that compared with those with no allergy symptoms, British students who report allergies or take allergy medications during theirsecondary education exit exams are 40 percent to 70 percent more likely to score a [More]
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This video tutorial describes the steps for adding documenting medication allergies in the Clinical Genius System. For more information please go to http://www.clinicalgenius.com Please try our web based EMR by going to: https://emr.clinicalgenius.net
About 1 in 5 people in the United States suffer from allergies, including millions of children. And for many, monthly shots and medications are the norm, but that could be changing.
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