Allergy season is in full swing!! Watch this video as Dr. Ware from Laveen Vet Center ( to understand that allergies are very uncomfortable and can sometimes be serious for your pet.
Treating a dog’s food allergies can sometimes be tricky. You will need to look at everything your dog eats including pet, dog treats and supplements. Learn how today at #drjudymorgan #treatingdogallergies #dogallergies – for a wealth of free holistic health care tips Itchy Dog helps you to handle dog rashes, dog itching and allergies in dogs. Part I talks about handy home remedies for dogs and [More]
Allergic reactions can be scary and sudden. Raised, swollen, circular, areas can show up in a hurry. You can use Benadryl (diphenhydramine), claritin(loradadine), or other antihistamines to help with the swelling.
Today we talk about how to treat your dog’s allergies naturally. For more information visit