This talk by Dr. Vinod B. Nair is about Nasal Allergy, a very common problem. About 30-40% of our population has nasal allergy of some sort. Nasal allergy is a precursor of Asthma. Is there [More]
Welcome to another video from Dr. Abdul Manan. Today I’ll be talking about some medicine related from disease- its uses according to sign and symptoms in homeopathy. Mobile No. 03049081726 or 923049081726 for Whatsapp only. [More]
Are you feeling inflammation of nasal airways? You might be suffering from allergy rhinitis. Allergies are a problem that many people have. Your immune system is designed to differentiate between harmful and healthy substances. Know [More]
नाक के बढे हुए मांस (Nasal Polyps) का रामबाण इलाज. Nasal Polyps ka ilaj. For more detailed information you can visit our page.
sinus infection rinse In their search for relief, many sinus sufferers have turned to nasal saline irrigation, a therapy that uses a salt and water solution to flush out the nasal passages. … Although nasal [More]
AYURVEDIC MEDICINE FOR SINUS, SNEEZING, COLD & NASAL POLYP Namaskaram! ============ *QUESTION ANSWERS WITH US प्रतिदिन बहुत ज्यादा प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं, इसलिए हम हरेक प्रश्न का उत्तर देने के लिए बाध्य नहीं हैं| Namaskaram! [More]
Allergy remedies – cure seasonal allergy symptoms fast with apple cider vinegar, a popular natural remedy that works overnight in alleviating allergy symptoms like itchy eyes, runny nose, fatigue and more. Earth Clinic® [More]
Usually when you wake up, if you have a sensitive nose, you can have a blocked nose, nasal irritation sneezing and running nose. This is due to allergies. What happens is when you wake up, [More]
Find out why people are smiling after trying Rhinase for nasal dryness. Visit
Dr. Craig Schwimmer discusses the link between nasal allergies and snoring and the treatment offered at The snoring Center.