ABONNEZ-VOUS pour plus de vidéos : http://www.dailymotion.com/Europe1frLes allergies aux graminées se développent dans les villes, par le prisme de la pollution qui en augmente les effets.Retrouvez “Europe 1 Matin” sur : http://www.europe1.fr/emissions/europe-1-matinLE DIRECT : http://www.europe1.fr/direct-video [More]
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Best practice research shows: “Anaphylaxis is frequently under recognized and undertreated by healthcare providers. Epinephrine promptly administered is vital to prevent progression and improve patient outcomes.” Fromer, L. (2016). Prevention of Anaphylaxis: The Role of [More]
Zachary wanted to practice on location for this year’s Epi-Pen Take Action Event on May 24th in Whitby, in support of Allergy/Asthma Information Association (AAIA). Zachary loves this annual event as it allows him an [More]
This video of a 5 year old who had anaphylaxis in an allergist’s office during a food challenge, shows her using her own EpiPen Jr® (an epinephrine auto-injector) to safely treat her anaphylaxis (real, live [More]
What happens when you use an EpiPen® (0.3mg) auto-injector device. Note that the needle stays out during the 10 second hold period. It is covered with the needle cover on removal from thigh.
Important Note: I am THE FARTHEST THING from a healthcare professional, PLEASE do not follow my medical advice especially when I talk about prescriptions or medical devices/pills. I only included them because I thought they [More]
According to a report by Mother Nature Network, Thomas Leo Ogren, a California horticulturist, began searching for pollen-free trees and shrubs to landscape his yard. He found it was the male plants that release all [More]