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First time I had to use my EpiPen. I had been in the hospital the night before and was given epinephrine and a prescription for the giant needle. It’s clear, I had no idea what [More]
Watch a first aid dramatization of how a paramedic assesses an allergic reaction in this free training video. Expert: Josh Wells Bio: Josh Wells is a firefighter and paramedic in Sedona, Arizona. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler
Just wanted to share this with all of you in case any of you have been diagnosed with a food allergy or severe intolerance but have yet to see what happens when you get a [More]
It’s not just food allergies! It’s fragrances too! This anaphylaxis was caused by the exhaust from a neighbor’s dryer vent where they use scented dryer sheets! This airborne allergen is a deadly threat! This is [More]
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