Subscribe now for more! Amy May Shead is a loved member of the This Morning team, but she continues to live with the devastating effects caused by a severe allergic reaction to nuts. Amy’s [More]
Having a nut allergy is literally the worst. Like for real, if you have one you’re brave fam. ===================================================== Social Media: ‣ Twitter: ‣ Instagram: ‣ Snapchat: Colecperrine ‣ Mobcrush (Livestreaming): ‣ [More]
Heather Braverman, age 19, shares her experience with an anaphylactic reaction and what she learned about not hesitating to use epinephrine, the first line treatment for anaphylaxis. Heather was diagnosed with a nut allergy when [More]
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The best tool for being prepared for an anaphylactic reaction is to be educated! Be aware of any allergies in your classroom, know where a student’s Epi-Pen is located, and know how to use it [More]
PROVO, Utah — A California couple says they were kicked off their flight from Utah after telling a flight attendant their son has a peanut allergy. Kyson and Sara Dana said they were flying out [More]
Iowa State football player scared to do his Epi Pen after getting stung by a bee. Hilarious!
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