My name is Barbara Grubbs. I’m a nurse practitioner and I want to help you reach your optimal health. Get my free e-report now! I also have a quick, free, fun video that I [More]
This is a video on allergic mechanism in our body.this animation video shows how allergens come in contact and how does the body react to such allergens and what is the effect of anti histamine [More]
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The whole food is greater than the sum of its parts: how unscrupulous marketers use evidence that ties high blood levels of phytonutrients with superior health to sell dietary supplements that may do more harm [More]
Looking to improve heart health, and lose a few pounds? Scarf down some chocolate, and go on an ice cream cleanse! Call him today 413-782-9800 Allergy East Longmeadow. Bicentennial Plaza 1502 Allen St., The Integrative Health Group, Springfield, MA 01118 Want to enjoy life again? Is sneezing, itching, scratching keeping you from spending time with [More]
Be careful when giving antibiotics to your babies, you might be increasing their chances to develop food allergies. Maria Mercedes Galuppo (@mariamgaluppo) has more.