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AAFA releases its annual report on how well state school policies protect children and adults with asthma and allergies. Find out how to use the report to advocate for better protection in your schools. Visit [More]
Your mattress and pillows are potential breeding grounds for millions of dust mites – a proven cause of up to 80% of allergies, asthma and eczema. Find out how to protect yourself and your family [More]
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There are so many types of allergies. First of all, what’s an allergy? It is nothing but your body’s way of reacting to foreign substances that bother it. A substance that causes your body to [More]
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A new study from The National Institutes of Health shows a skin patch may help children and young adults who are allergic to peanuts by delivering small doses of peanut protein. Jose Sepulveda (@josesepulveda87) has [More]