Learn how Baraka Neti Pots are hand made in the US and are a holistic alternative for sinus care. Get relief from sinus congestion due to colds, flu, allergies or chronic sinus problems with nasal [More]
http://www.stemcellsfreak.com/2014/04/salitair-review.html Salitair, a natural and effective solution for the relief of asthma, allergies, COPD and other breathing conditions. The reviews in this video are from verified customers.
Whether it is a mild to a severe reaction, allergies and skin rashes have to be treated quickly. The severity of the skin condition may also vary from one person to another. However, the good [More]
Monsoon can lead to smelly feet, fungal infections and allergies. These problems can easily be dealt by following simple foot care tips.
Celine and Nina use the Salt Room for Salt Therapy and experience RELIEF from Allergies and the relaxation of the room itself for DE-STRESSING and smoother BREATHING. Celine’s SINUS DECONGESTION was aided greatly. The Rock [More]
Inhaling This Salt Stops Sinus Infections, Reduces Mucus Build Up & Helps You Sleep! The pink Himalayan salt has a myriad of healthy medicinal properties, being rich in 84 minerals and trace elements. It can [More]
This video is about Strictly Salt of Metairie
They believe the most effective therapy is focused on the body and mind. Terry Amerine, owner of Salinity Salt and Flotation Spa wants to offer help for your allergies.
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