Morrie the cat was lying on the kitchen table when his owner began spraying him with a water bottle. However, instead of getting down, he stubbornly stayed put and batted at the water in confusion. Natural Nasal Spray provides your natural sinusitis relief, Reliefs sinus allergy within minutes! Sinol Natural Allergy Relief, recommended by the New York Allergy & Sinus Center!
Una ragazza di 25 anni è stata aggredita nella metro di Milano da un nigeriano. La giovane si salva dallo stupro grazie allo spray al peperoncino.
Claire’s many sneezes.
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Claire’s many sneezes.
Abby Archer has some nasty allergies! Here are Abby’s messy sneezes.
Four-year-old Leon covered his face in nappy cream after telling his mum he “didn’t want to be brown”.
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President Juan Manuel Santos announces that Colombia will resume aerial spraying of coca plantations with the herbicide glyphosate to counter a record increase in production of the cocaine crop.