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BUY: Thank you for watching my video. This is a review of an allergy medicine that works. Flonase review.
Animation for Nasonex nasal spray, created by Certified Medical Illustrator, Peg Gerrity. Video demonstrates how allergies cause the inflammatory response system to release mast cells, which bind with the pollen. Histamine is released by the [More]
Always get this thing in late spring early summer where I’m so itchy like hayfever with a slight sore itchy throat nose. This time I was super congested and lost my voice 🙁 allergies or [More]
Today I will be sharing with you a great allergy fighting spray. This is also a sleep spray because when you sleep better during the night, you can fight allergies better during the day. My [More]
Dr. Greg Abbas of Advanced ENT and Allergy discusses the proper technique for the use of nasal spray.
“A nasal spray can go a long way in controlling the symptoms of allergic rhinitis or a nasal allergy. It’s a simple device that delivers medication directly to the nose and provides relief to the [More]
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