How to reduce puffy eyes – Get rid of under eye puffiness There are many causes of puffy eyes, including allergies, heredity and, the effects of a late night out. Professional makeup artist Vinnetta [More]
So I told everyone that I didn’t believe in allergies…but I’ve just had the day of he11 so i believe 🙁 I think i’m going to check out the dance place tomorrow night! 🙂
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In India all of Hindu women apply a dot or bindu or bindi between two eyebrows on forehead , as to enhance the beauty of females, this bindi has many significance which you can read [More]
Hey guys! I REALLY wanted to review the New Peace Out Acne Healing Dots! 🙂 As you know I’ve always struggled with acne prone skin and when I saw these on Sephora I HAD to [More]
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